May 9

Warband Idea – Mario

Mordheim Warbands,Random Bin
Author: Ashton Sanders

I saw a model today that had a thick black mustache, and all I could think was “MARIO”!

Mario in Mordheim

Boy would I love to model up a sweet Mario Warband, based off an empire warband. The hardest part would be giving them weapons… try as I might, I just can’t bring myself to put a sword in Mario’s (or Peach’s) hand. It just doesn’t fit. By the time I get around to actually buying some Green Stuff and working on my own models, You can bet what I’ll be working on:

Mario Peach and Luigi in Mordheim
(Don’t forget Toad, Yoshi, and the rest of the Mario Party (warband) too!)

Oh boy, that’ll be great… one of these days…
-Ashton Sanders

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