Apr 15

Mordheim Stone Wall v1.0

Author: Ashton Sanders

Since I acquired my latest piece of packing foam, I have been trying to figure out the most believable way to create this large section of elevation. I have decided to make all of the edges of the foam look like it was created with a wall of stone, like a retaining wall. Then the rest of the elevated section of ground can be dirt ground like a normal Mordheim board.

I grabbed a spare piece of packing foam as a test piece and through some ideas together. Let me know what you think:

First, I started with my piece of packing Styrofoam about 3.5″ tall:

Stone Wall Terrain

Second, I spackled the left half of the foam (for testing purposes) and cut out 20 different-sized stones from a sheet of business-card-thickness card stock. I glued them to the wall:

Stone Wall Terrain

Third, I painted everything black, and highlighted the rocks (goblin fanatic for scale):
(You can see in this picture how much better the side with the spackle (left side) turned out. I definitely recommend spackling/texturing Styrofoam before using.)

Stone Wall Terrain

Finally, I took a thick-bristle brush with very little paint on it, and added some speckling and texture to the rocks. Since I was so sloppy painting the stones, I had to take paint over the black again with a thin paint brush:

Stone Wall Terrain

“Voila!” (Or in the words of Ness: “Tadi-UMP!”) Instant Rock Wall.

I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I’ll update this if I come up with any other good ideas.
-Ashton Sanders

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