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Mordheim Dice Tower Completed

Welcome to (Mordheim Dice Tower) “Roll Inn”!
The most comfortable beds this side of the City of the Damned;).

The party suite upstairs is currently in need of repairs as a meteor hit the city a couple blocks from here and the resulting earthquake destroyed the top floor (at least that’s what the owner keeps telling everyone).

Tower Details:

The beds are so comfortable, they had to post a 24/7 guard at the back door to keep thieves from stealing their mattresses!

I also wanted this building to be as playable as possible, so I made spots on the roof where snipers could easily stand.

There are at least 7 spots to safely place normal-sized models on the roof (which is just perfect for a hermit who is looking for a good place to raise a pack of rats)

Or have a Raging Battle (just don’t tell the owner).

You might ask: How do they get up there? Well, the designers of this beautiful inn unwittingly created a perfect ladder up the side of the building, and with the gaping hole in the roof, it’s very easy to climb on up.

Here are some shots of how the Ramp Structure is set up on the inside of the dice tower:

(Here’s more information on my ramp system for my Mordheim Tower)

When I sat down to sketch out how I wanted my dice tower to look, I decided that I wanted it to look exactly like a normal Mordheim Building and not like a “normal” rectangular dice tower. I also wanted to get as many ramps inside of it as possible. I think I accomplished both of this objectives very well!

I am very satisfied with how the Roll Inn came out. It works perfectly as a dice tower as I never have dice get stuck inside (even with the single door exit). I also have made this building as playable as possible so it doesn’t have to be solely a Line-Of-Sight blocker. The colors came out Mordheim/crazy enough.

I used random scraps and things I had laying around the house for this project:

Packing Styrofoam
Popsicle Sticks
Thin card from random packaging
Card Stock Paper
Weird plastic grates
The Back of a Broken Picture Frame
Beach Sand

You can see a video of the Dice Tower in Action HERE.
WIP thread Here.

This is an entry in this competition. (If you’re going to vote, please be fair to all of the contestants, and look at the entries, and vote for your favorite, Of Course!)

C&C always Welcome!
Ashton Sanders

UPDATE *5/22/2008*:
I have added a new gallery plug in so here is a Gallery of this building from Start to finish. Enjoy!

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