Mar 28

Mordheim Rubble on Tiled Roof

Dice Tower,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

I have added some fallen debris to the Mordheim roof. The idea is that when the comet crashed into the city, either the quaking earth or a shard of the comet caused the top section of the tower to collapse. Some of the rubble broke holes in the roof below, while some of the smaller pieces ended up staying on the roof. The rubble also doubles as places for models to sand on.

I put down a layer of water glue in the dice catcher/courtyard area, and poured some of my “Camp Cherry Valley” beach sand on it. I think it came out really well. Now I just need a good thick layer of paint to keep the sand in place. I really want to add some rubble to this area, but I don’t want to give the dice a possibility of not landing flat, so it’s got to be boring and flat.

Here’s a picture of the what’s left of the Dice Tower’s Roof.

Ashton Sanders

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