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Mordheim Garbage Cans

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Author: Ashton Sanders


A wealthy city, like Mordheim used to be, must have some sort of system to dispose of waste. Mordheim must have had garbage cans and a garbage collector, wouldn’t you think? Anyway, after my last trip to the range (Front Sight), I grabbed 4-5 of the empty bullet holders, knowing there must be some way to use them in the city of Mordheim. After lots of thought, I found that they are almost the perfect size for Mordheim-sized garbage cans!

Mordheim Garbage Cans

In this picture you can see the transition (from left to right) of Bullet holder to Mordheim garbage can. First, you need to cut one of the can’s out of the container with a razor blade. Once this is done, trim the edges around the top of the can. Then cut off the bottom of the can. If you cut straight enough, you can use the bottom as a lid. The can on the right side of the picture above still needs some work on the paint job, but it’s enough to give you an idea of where I’m going with this.

I also don’t have a bottom to these cans, but I’ll think of something by the time I need to put one on it’s side.

No anyone who plays Mordheim at my house won’t have a reason not to throw away all their garbage. =]
-Ashton Sanders

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