Feb 19

Mordheim Dice Tower

Dice Tower,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve run into some trouble with dice “sticking” in the dice tower. This only really occurs when I roll a lot of dice at once (like 7+), and fortunately for me, Mordheim doesn’t usually require that many dice being rolled at a time. Even when that many dice are rolled, it only gets stuck 1-3% of the time. I’ve tried everything I could think of to handle the problem so I’ve accepted that it will happen sometimes. I’m okay with that.

Here’s the pictures of the new tower:

Mordheim Dice Tower
Mordheim Dice Tower
Mordheim Dice Tower

I played a good game of Star Wars Risk using the dice tower, and it didn’t go to favorably for me. I rolled about 20 battles through the dice tower and lost 17 of them. Hopefully it will be happier once I’m done putting it together. =)

-Ashton Sanders

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