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Mordheim Shopping Victoriously

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Author: Ashton Sanders

Living in Montana means my closest neighbor is 3 miles away, and the closest Mordheim Player is a couple hundred miles away and the closest Games Workshop isn’t in this state. So if I’m ever going to play Mordheim, it will probably be with people who haven’t played before and don’t have their own warband. So it is basically required that I have enough warbands to play with when that blue moon comes around that I can play with someone.

(If you are ever near flathead lake, drop me a line, and we can play a game or 3. =])

Currently, I have my old Skaven warband and my brother’s old Orc and Goblin warband, and since humans/empire warbands should be the most popular in a destroyed human city, I had bought the Mordheim starter set when I first started playing, but I traded the humans off to a friend for his Skaven sprues. Since I didn’t have any humans, I thought it important that I get a human warband. This started my search through eBay to find a good deal on a Mordheim human warband. Eventually I found what I was looking for: The greatest Mordheim Deal ever!

Warhammer Box Set

I found an old Warhammer Starter Box and a Warhammer Rulebook with a human army and an Orc and Goblin army! It’s not for sale by Games Workshop any more, so I couldn’t find any specifics as to what exactly is in it. But if it’s anything like the current Warhammer Starter Box, it’ll have about 109 models, which is more than enough for four warbands! I could probably get 6 starting warbands out of it.

Of course, it is an opened box, and some of the larger models have already been glued together, but the box definitely looks pretty full. I ended up paying (with shipping) less than I would have paid for the starter box alone (and I got a free rulebook)! Now I’ll be able to make some different human warbands. I’m very excited to get this box full of goodies!

I finally paid out some money for this Mordheim game. =]
-Ashton Sanders

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