Nov 24

More Mordheim Ladders

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Author: Ashton Sanders

I’ve expanded my collection of Mordheim Ladders. I only have one GW ladder. (I think that’s all that comes in the box.) And ladders are extremely useful in Mordheim (not so much for Skaven, but for the other, not so agile warbands =). I’ve decided to make a couple ladders in the different construction styles of the Warbands of Mordheim.

You may remember in my first Mordheim Ladder post, I mentioned that it was a ladder that was definitely made by humans. After I said that, I went on a quest to create a ladder made by my Skaven Warband. I actually made two. Both of these were created from Popsicle sticks, and I think they came out pretty well. I still have to base coat that last ladder. Here are my four Mordheim Ladders:

Mordheim Ladder

The ladder on the very left is the ladder that comes with the box. The next ladder in line is the first ladder that I posted about (also a human ladder). The last two ladders on the right are ladders made by the Skaven rat creatures. Although they may pass for Orc and Gobblin ladders… maybe not.

My real reason for making all of these ladders, is because I am planning on having a lot of second story buildings with walkways to other buildings, and I want it to be fair for everyone to get up to the second floor easily. So with lots of ladders and stairs, it will be fair to everyone.

-Ashton Sanders

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  1. Heinyken November 24th, 2007 7:00 pm

    I guess I’ll speak for Garrett and say you should remember to give SOME advantage for being able to scurry up those w/o a ladder. Those with high initiative (Elves) would like to say, be completely fair, and remember to let some buildings not have ladders! I prob won’t be elves, I’ll probably be humans who would benefit from the ladders, so I’m happy to hear you’re using a ton!

    Also, could you mail that extra book to me? I could send you a check for the shipping, if you’d like. You could send it to my college address.



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