Nov 12

Mordheim Ladder

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Author: Ashton Sanders

My next project was to build a Mordheim Ladder without spending any money.

  1. I found a thin tree branch sitting in my driveway. It was still fairly green and made of good, hard wood.
  2. I cut two of the branches into pieces the same length as the normal Mordheim ladder and shaved them into long rectangles (as opposed to cylinders). I cut 8 much smaller rectangles to be used for the rungs of the ladder.
  3. I glued the pieces together with Elmer’s Glue.
    Here you can see the progression from branch to rectangle to ladder.

    Mordheim Ladder

  4. You will also notice in this picture, a long orange string. This I glued into place at the top of the ladder to be used as the lashing rope. (Skaven don’t glue ladders together, they use lashings.) This orange string is actually one thread of bailing twine (what holds bails of hay together).
  5. After the glue dried, I lashed the ladder rungs together. (I used tried to make it as unorganized as possible, although looking at this ladder, it’s much nicer than a clan of rats (or Orcs) would ever take the time to make… I’ll have to say it’s just sloppy humans.)

    Mordheim Ladder

Now all i have to do is stain/paint it.

-More to come
Ashton Sanders

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