Nov 10

Mordheim Blog – Intro

Author: Ashton Sanders

Hello and welcome to Ashton Sanders’ Mordheim Blog.

My plans for this Mordheim Blog is to document many of the different aspects of Mordheim, the “Specialist Game” developed by Games Workshop. Their most popular games are Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 (40k), but both of these games require hundreds of models, and I’ve never been interested in spending the rest of my life painting the same colors on the same models.

So I started playing Mordheim, where instead of armies; you fight with warbands of 5-20 models. There is also more terrain (usually) in Mordheim, which can be very fun to create. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a good website dedicated to Mordheim, so I plan on putting one together. This is the beginning of it.

I plan on updating this blog with everything having to do with Mordheim, whether it’s creating buildings, designing unique terrain, painting models, or just playing the game. I currently have a Skaven warband and an Orc and Goblin warband. (Both of which could use improved paint jobs.)

That sounds like I’ve covered everything. I hope you enjoy my blog.
-Ashton Sanders

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