Nov 11

First Destroyed Building Section

First Creation,Mordheim Buildings
Author: Ashton Sanders

Welcome to this post on my First Mordheim Building. (Click to view all posts for this Mordheim Building.)

I’ve spent the last couple months saving all of the packing foam/material I could find. Now I’ve got a couple boxes full of Styrofoam, and finally have some time to test it out. I remember having trouble with Styrofoam because of how it reacts with both spray paint and some types of glue.

I started with a thin yet tough piece of cardboard (from a Logitech Speaker box) and a edge section of Styrofoam:

Mordheim Building

I took an old pocketknife I had lying around, and heated it over the fire on my stove. When it was hot, I’d make a quick cut through the foam. Then, I’d repeat the process. This is great for making straight cuts for doors, windows and the like.

If you’re looking at destroying an entire wall, probably the easiest way I’ve found is to break/cut off the section. This will make lots of loose foam bubbles and your wall will look like foam. To smooth out the foam, just hold it over some heat. This will melt all of the loose foam pieces and create a fairly smooth wall.

Mordheim Building

To get the piece of cardboard into place, I first drew a straight line with a marker, and then using my hot-knife technique, I cut along the line. This left a perfect slot to slide the cardboard into.

More to come,
-Ashton Sanders

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