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Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case 2

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Author: Ashton Sanders

Since my Mordheim Model Case post, I have cut the grey foam in half and cut three columns to put my miniatures in:

Mordheim Miniature Carrying Case

So far, I have cut three columns: two 30mm wide and one 20mm wide. The 20mm column fits 5 squigs and two goblins with squig prodders. Each 30mm column fits 3 Orcs (on 25mm bases). I will need to cut at least one more 30mm column to fit any other Orcs who may join my warband. I will also need to cut two or three more 20mm columns. I will easily be able to fit all of my other Goblins (4 archers and 1 more squig prodder) into one more 20mm column, leaving another couple columns for my Skaven Warband! Yes, I plan to house two entire warbands in this suitcase =]. That should leave just enough room for my Cave Troll and Rat Oger.

How did I create this?

First I cut a piece of foam to fit inside the miniature case. I wanted to cut the foam in half (hamburger style) leave a small (~10mm) section of foam on top, and the remainder of the foam on bottom. To make this cut, I took the longest kitchen knife I could find (after approval from the missus of course =]), and sharpened it a little.

I put my Mordheim book in the bottom of the suitcase and put the foam on top of it. This way, i wouldn’t cut the foam directly in half. I used the suitcase as a “jig”, resting the knife sideways on the suitcase which kept my knife level. Once the foam was cut in half, I flipped the pieces of foam over so the flat sides of the foam were viewable. (Thanks Andy.)

-Ashton Sanders

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  1. Heinyken June 4th, 2008 10:12 pm


    Good job! This looks really cool! I’ll have to bring my two that G-rat left me way back when, the next time I come out.

    By the by, the passage, “after approval from the misses of course” should read, “from the missus”. “missus” means “Mrs.” or “married woman”, “misses” is “multiple unmarried girls”. You see where I’m going with this? 😉 You’re not running a harem out in Montana, Ash, are you?


  2. Ashton Sanders June 5th, 2008 8:40 am

    Hahaha, Thanks, I’ve fixed it. lol

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